2020 California Ballot Measures, Personified

California Proposition cartoons of the 12 Props on the ballot this November 3, 2020. If you haven’t done so yet, register to vote https://registertovote.ca.gov and take the Census https://my2020census.gov

#Prop14 stem cells
#Prop15 property taxes
#Prop16 affirmative action
#Prop17 voting for parolees
#Prop18 voting for 17 year olds
#Prop19 property taxes
#Prop20 crime
#Prop21 rent control
#Prop22 uber
#Prop23 dialysis
#Prop24 privacy
#Prop25 ending bail

These ballot measure cartoons are also available as a slide deck here.

#Prop14: Stem Cell Research Bond. In 2004, Californians voted to fund the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. That original money is now used, this $5.5 billion bond would keep the research going. Learn more at

@CAforCures2020 or https://caforcures.com/#

#Prop15: Property Tax Increase on Large Commercial & Industrial Property. Also known as “Schools and Communities First”, this would restore $12 billion a year for schools and everything else that state and local government provides.@Schools1stCA https://schoolsandcommunitiesfirst.org

#Prop16: Allows Affirmative Action. Formerly known as #ACA5, this would repeal 1996’s #Prop209 ban on race or gender based affirmative action for education, hiring, and government contracting. Learn more at

@OppForAllCA https://opportunity4all.org

#Prop17: Allows voting while on parole. Formerly known as #ACA6. There are about 50,000 people on parole in California. More info:

@FreeTheVoteCA https://freethevoteca.org

#Prop18: Allows 17-year-olds to vote in a primary election, if they’ll be 18 by the November general election. 18 other states, plus DC, already do this.

More info: www.yes18.vote @prop_18

#Prop19: Raises property taxes to current value when someone inherits property, unless they live in it. Allows people over 55, people w/severe disability, or victim of natural disaster to move to new home & keep existing low property tax. Net increase in $ goes to fight wildfires

#Prop20: Increased penalties for theft and other crimes. People caught for theft multiple times would face more time behind bars. Expands list of crimes not eligible for early release from prison on parole.

#Prop21: Allows cities to expand rent control to more homes, also allows cities to limit increases between tenants, or when the last original tenant in a shared apartment moves out. Also known as the #RentalAffordabilityAct. More info: https://rentcontrolnow.org @rentcontrol4all

#Prop22: Uber, Lyft, & Doordash are spending $110 million to carve out an exemption in #AB5 so that their drivers aren’t considered employees, exempting them from minimum wage, unemployment benefits, etc.

@SlamTheBrakesCA on this bullshit, #NoOn22 https://slamthebrakes.org

#Prop23: Requires a doctor on-site at kidney dialysis centers, and also requires state approval to close a dialysis center.

#Prop24: Increases online data privacy requirements. Gives people more things they can opt out of, requires opt-in to collect data on people under 16, more penalties for security breaches.

Yes on 24 campaign: https://caprivacy.org or @caprivacyorg
No on 24 campaign: https://noon24ca.org/

#Prop25: A referendum on 2018 state law SB10, which would replace the system of money bail with one where people arrested can be released before trial if considered low risk. SB10 has been on hold. If Prop 25 passes, it would go into effect. https://ballotpedia.org/California_Replace_Cash_Bail_with_Risk_Assessments_Referendum_(2020)

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