2020 California Housing Highlights, Part 5: The ones that passed

California started the year with over 100 housing bills. In the end, just 13 bills were signed into law. Some of the others were reintroduced in 2021.

COVID Emergency Relief

AB1436 —Payment Extension for Rent & Mortgages: Makes it so that tenants cannot be evicted for unpaid rent from during COVID state of emergency, or 90 days after. The rent is converted into regular consumer debt. Defers mortgage payments.

Mobile Homes

SB915 — COVID protections for mobile homes: Bans evicting mobile home owners or tenants affected by COVID19 during a state of emergency and for 120 days after end of emergency.

Tenant & Homeowner Rights

AB2405 — Right to Housing: Declares and funds state policy that all children and families have a right to housing. Takes effect in 2026.

Regulating Short Term Rentals

SB1049 Raises the maximum fine for illegal short term rentals from $1000 to $5000.

Housing Production

AB725 — Missing Middle Zoning: requires cities to zone land for moderate income housing in existing neighborhoods rather than sprawl.

Cleanup Bills

Two bills make minor edits to clarify bills passed last year.

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