2020 California Housing Legislation, Part 3: Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee 5/20/2020 public hearing.

AB1905 Mortgage Tax Deduction (Chiu)

AB2329 Homelessness Policy (Chiu, Gloria)

AB2345 Density Bonus (Gonzalez)

AB2405 Right to Housing (Burke, Chiu, Gonzalez)

AB2406 Rental Registry (Wicks)

AB2580 Hotels to Housing (Eggman)

AB2586 Safe RV / Car Parking (Berman)

AB2666 Lot Subdivision (Boerner Horvath)

AB2690 Mobile Home Rent Control (Low)

AB2778 Farmworker Housing (Eduardo Garcia)

AB2782 Mobile Home Park Closure (Mark Stone)

AB2852 Public Employee Housing (Mullin)

AB2895 Rent Cap for Mobile Homes (Quirk-Silva)

AB2988 Permanent Supportive Housing (Chu, Chiu)

AB3040 Duplexes, Triplexes, 4plexes (Chiu)

AB3088 Minor correction to AB1482 (Chiu)

AB3107 Commercial Zones (Bloom)

AB3155 Streamlining Small Projects (Robert Rivas)

AB3182 Renting homes in a HOA (Ting)

AB3269 Reduce homelessness by 90% (Chiu)

AB3300 $2 billion for shelters and housing (Santiago, Bloom, Bonta, Gipson, Quirk-Silva, & Wicks)

AB3308 School Employee Housing (Gabriel)

AB3352 Lead Hazard Inspections (Friedman)



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