A couple of skyscrapers behind several 3-story buildings

A person stands in a Statue of Liberty style position holding a solar panel and a wire sparking electricity, standing on an apartment building. Below are trains, buses, cars, bikes, and windmills of increasing size, labeled 20%, 100%, 400%. Title text: Fourplex America — Quadruple Living Standards by 2040

Missing small housing: low cost options for homeownership and rental housing. A picture if buildings such as RV parks, yurts, cottages, tiny houses, mobile homes, rooming houses, nail houses, small lot subdivisions, and accessory dwelling units

Missing Large Housing: buildings larger than the midrise blocks of apartments over garages, but smaller than the billionaire towers.

Background: Main Street Needs More People

Diversity Matters in Stem Cell Medicine. Let California Lead. Vote Yes on Prop 14.

COVID Emergency Relief

I’m supporting Prop 18 for many reasons: fairness, strengthening our democracy, and helping California grow new leaders that reflect our ever-changing state.

Alfred Twu

Artist and Designer in Berkeley, California

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