California 2020 Housing Legislation, Part 2: Relief and Recovery


Tenant Protections

AB-3077 Residential real property: tenancy: termination: withdrawal of accommodations. (Santiago)

SB-1190 Tenancy: termination: victims of crime. (Durazo)

AB-3352 Hiring of real property: tenant remedies. (Friedman)

AB-2272 Real Property: Eviction Defense. (Gabriel, Chiu)

Homeowner Protections

AB-2463 Enforcement of money judgments: execution: homestead. (Wicks)

Limiting Rent Increases and Fees

AB-2774 Hiring of real property: tenants: late fees. (Jones-Sawyer)

Rental Affordability Act (Ballot Measure / Proposition)

AB-2763 Housing: relocation assistance. (Bloom)

Putting Vacant Homes to Use

SB-1079 Residential property warehousing. (Skinner)

Mobile Homes

SB-999 Mobilehome park residencies: rent control: exemption. (Umberg)

AB-2586 Shelter crisis: safe parking programs. (Berman)

AB-2690 Mobilehome parks: local ordinances: rent stabilization ordinances. (Low)

AB-2895 Mobilehome parks: rent caps. (Quirk-Silva)


Repurposing Vacant Hotels and Commercial Buildings

AB-2580 Conversion of motels and hotels: streamlining. (Eggman)

SB-906 Housing: joint living and work quarters and occupied substandard buildings or units. (Skinner)

AB-3107 Planning and zoning: general plan: housing development. (Bloom)

Dividing large lots and condos

AB-2666 Starter Home Revitalization Act of 2020. (Boerner Horvath)

AB-2470 Splitting multifamily dwelling units: streamlined ministerial approval. (Kamlager)

Encouraging Small Construction Projects

SB-902 Planning and zoning: neighborhood multifamily project: use by right: density. (Wiener)

AB-3153 Parking and zoning: parking credits. (Robert Rivas)

SB-1085 Density Bonus Law: qualifications for incentives or concessions: student housing for lower income students: moderate-income persons and families: local government constraints. (Skinner)

AB-2345 Planning and zoning: density bonuses: affordable housing. (Gonzalez)

Speeding up the Permit Approval Process

AB-3156 Coastal resources: coastal development permits: affordable housing. (Robert Rivas)

SB-1410 Housing: local development decisions: appeals. (Lena Gonzalez)

AB-3155 Subdivision Map Act: small lot subdivisions. (Robert Rivas)

Accessory Dwelling Unit bills

AB-69 Land use: accessory dwelling units. (Ting, Quirk-Silva)

SB-592 Housing development: Housing Accountability Act: permit streamlining. (Wiener)

SB-773 Land use: accessory dwelling units. (Skinner) and AB-953 Land use: accessory dwelling units. (Ting, Bloom)

AB-2044 Building standards: photovoltaic requirements: accessory dwelling units. (Voepel)




Artist and Designer in Berkeley, California

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Alfred Twu

Alfred Twu

Artist and Designer in Berkeley, California

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