A person stands in a Statue of Liberty style position holding a solar panel and a wire sparking electricity, standing on an apartment building. Below are trains, buses, cars, bikes, and windmills of increasing size, labeled 20%, 100%, 400%. Title text: Fourplex America — Quadruple Living Standards by 2040

Fourplex America. Let’s Quadruple the standard of living by 2040.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Power — 3.6 million jobs today — group of 3 workers- Millions More needed to meet climate goals — group of 10 workers
Person kneeling and mixing a bowl in front of a cottage. Text: “spent 5 years making bread pudding from scratch”. Person standing on the right in front of a solarpunk building. Text: “builds two floors of solarpunk vertical farm city every day”
Today: person sits on a beanbag in a small room. 2040: Person with kid and dog in a spacious condo with skyline views
2 people climbing a stepped hill, from wood to coal to oil/gas to wind /solar, with fusion beyond. An up arrow is labeled Standard of Living
Chart Not to Scale
A family BBQs on a hill overlooking the ocean. In the background are windmills, skyscrapers, and flying trains. The sunset sky looks like a waving American flag



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