How California can build 3.5 million new homes

visualizing 25% more homes by 2025! (and hopefully at least 25% cheaper rent!)
Let’s build another one of these, what could possibly go wrong?

It’s not that dramatic. Look at this another way. There are currently 14 million homes in California. Adding another 3.5 million is a 25% increase.

1/10,000th of California’s existing housing

Adding 25% more homes

Evenly Distributed 25% Increase
Everyone new lives in that one building
A couple of yimblocs
The All of the Above Approach

Paying for it — the $2 trillion question

Who Will Build It?

Construction of new homes by raising existing ones.

We’re still going to need rent control

Housing for All!

Let’s do this — we’ve done it before




Artist and Designer in Berkeley, California

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Alfred Twu

Alfred Twu

Artist and Designer in Berkeley, California

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