Why I’m Voting Yes on Proposition 18

I’m supporting Prop 18 for many reasons: fairness, strengthening our democracy, and helping California grow new leaders that reflect our ever-changing state.

If Prop 18 passes, someone who will turn 18 by a November general election, will also be able to vote in the primary election

Proposition 18 is about letting people participate in the entire election.

Other than a few competitive seats (as well as some deep blue seats that have Dem vs. Dem general elections), most elections are won in the primary. A candidate who wins the primary in a district where most voters support their party will coast to a win in the November general election.

County Elections often only have a Primary.

For county level offices such as County Supervisor, Judge, or Sheriff — the primary election often is the only election. If one candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, they are elected and there is no runoff in November.

Proposition 18 is about strengthening democracy by building a habit of voting.

Voting is habit-forming: someone who votes once is more likely to vote again in future elections. For people turning 18, it’s much easier to form that habit in the spring, when they’re in the last year of high school, versus in the fall, when they’re just starting a job or college, often in a different city.

Yes on Prop 18 sign
Yes on 18 — Expand the Vote

Proposition 18 is about bringing in new people and ideas into politics.

Not only are people who vote once more likely to vote again, but they’re also more likely to be brought into the clubs and organizations that keep civic participation running behind the scenes.

Young people have been keeping our democracy alive. Let’s give them full participation. #YesOn18.

Now more than ever, with older people staying home to stay safe, young people are keeping our democracy going. They’re filling in for essential jobs, signing up to count households in the Census, running around town to collect signatures for candidate filing, and staffing polling places during elections.



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